ROAR Preschool Registration

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Welcome to your first VBS experience! We are pleased to be able to host some of our littles for a VBS experience but space is limited. You will recieve a confirmation email within a week to hear you spot is secured. That means we will only be accepted registrations of kids who are currently four and/or will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.

Registration Note: This form is set up to be able to accept more than one child per family. Please just scroll through the second child options if they aren't needed and don't forget to click "submit" at the end.

Family Information

In Case of Emergency

Please note we use the information for parent/guardian in case of emergency first. If we are unable to reach anyone then we will move to this contact. Please provide a contact within a reasonable distance to the church and someone other than a parent/guardian be it another parent of a SuperKid, a grandparent or a neighbour.
Child 1 Information

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